Welcome to GuaranteedMMA and our minimalistic site. We exercise all available free resources to keep our costs down and pass those savings onto our customers in the form of reduced prices for our MMA investment selections.

In a nutshell, We offer high quality mixed martial arts picks from promotions around the globe, not just UFC.

Here at GuaranteedMMA, We GUARANTEE our selections. What that means is, if We send you an MMA pick,  and that pick does not perform and win, We will issue a refund for our services through our reliable third party processor.

Step 1: Order an MMA pick through our payment provider

Step 2: Your payment will be placed in escrow. We will send you ONE winning pick (per order) within 7 days. (Most promotions are scheduled for Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays).

Step 3: If our selection wins, You will complete the gig, rate us five stars, and We will be compensated. If our selection loses, We will cancel the gig and our fees will be refunded through our payment processor.